About Us

Nahak Overseas Limited was established in 1995 with a vision to become a pioneer Information based service provider for Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliance, Global Marketing, to capture global opportunities, etc. for Small and Medium Enterprises in India.

SMEs are the growth drivers in any economy and they grope in the dark when it comes to harnessing opportunities or positioning themselves in the globalized economy. This is where we pitch in and help them in every aspect to achieve their objectives, groom and make them have a share of the global opportunity pie.

Nahak, with its innovative ideas and creativity, identifies an opportunity OR converts problem to business opportunity, which is not normally perceived.

Over the years, we have made tremendous progress in terms of achievements and creating value addition to the client’s business. We have also worked with few foreign companies in achieving their business objectives in India and other countries.

We are globally networked and having access to many databases, to locate opportunities.

Our Philosophy :

NAHAK name was given by our Guru and is derived from three Indian names of God

  • HARI

which also means that

  • Each success is an end result of many forces and / or teamwork. So never ever claim your right cent percent. You are obliged to share with all and society at large – as per the preachings of Bhagvad Gita, great Hindu literature.
  • Create win-win situation for all and share gains.

Our guiding principals in business are:

  • Every problem is an opportunity, in disguise. Treat it accordingly…
  • Problem is ME & Solution is ME
  • Bottleneck is always at top. Be it a Bottle OR System OR Company